Physical Therapy



Physical therapy (PT) is a method of treatment employed to improve an array of health conditions that occur due to surgery or as a result of long-term disorders such as arthritis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), or stroke. Physical therapy is utilized to regain movement and manage pain, and it can play a vital role in senior home care.

PT helps patients with physical impairments to regain function and teaches techniques to improve movement within the limitations of their condition. In some instances, continued PT results in a patient regaining a majority of their original function or making a complete recovery, significantly improving the overall fitness and health of the patient.

PT can help shorten recovery time, which is important to many patients. Damage to a muscle joint or ligament can result in immobility and stiffness, which can be improved greatly with exercise and PT.

Many patients needing PT find their new exercise routines a challenge, but as each patient gets accustomed to their workouts, they become easier to do. Over time, patients often see their strength begin to increase and overall health begin to improve.

Benefits of Our Home Health Care Services

• Convenience: We come directly to you. There is no need to spend time traveling to and from your physical therapist or coordinating transportation. You can remain in the comfort of your home while we provide you with the physical therapy services you need.

• 1-on-1 Care: You receive the undivided attention of your physical therapist. In a traditional therapy setting, your therapist may have their attention divided among several patients at once. At home that will never happen.

• Direct Translation to Life: It can be hard for you to picture how to apply your exercises to your normal life that your therapist shows you when you are at their office. When at home, they can directly show you how to do exercises at home with what you have. You will not be left wondering how you will do the things they want you to do to be able to recover from your injury.

● Easy Care Coordination: It can be difficult to keep all of your healthcare providers on the same page, especially if you are traveling to multiple offices. When you get in-home physical therapy, you have much less to worry about. If you are receiving other care from us, such as skilled nursing or 24-hour home care, we can handle coordination and ensure that your caregivers and nurses always understand what is going on with your health.

Contact Us for Home Health Care Services!

At Sunshine Homecare Services, we provide physical therapy services to the Rockland County, NY; Westchester, NY; and Manhattan, NY areas. We understand that it may be difficult or even impossible for you to leave the comfort of your home, even if you have a live-in caregiver or home health aide helping you with transportation. Regardless, you still need your health care services. That is why our physical therapists can come directly to your home. Contact us today to learn how to make physical therapy part of your package of home health care services!