Physical Therapy



Physical therapy (PT) is a method of treatment employed to improve an array of health conditions that occur due to surgery or as a result of long-term disorders such as arthritis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), or stroke. Physical therapy is utilized to regain movement and manage pain.

PT helps patients with physical impairments to regain function and teaches techniques to improve movement within the limitations of their condition. In some instances continued PT results in a patient regaining a majority of their original function or making a complete recovery, and significantly improves the overall fitness and health of the patient.

PT can help shorten recovery time, which is important to many patients. Damage to a muscle joint or ligament can result in immobility and stiffness, which can be improved greatly with exercise and PT.

Many patients needing PT find their new exercise routines a challenge, but as each patient gets accustomed to their workouts, they become easier to do and see their strength begin to increase and overall health begins to improve.